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Monday, May 2, 2011

Topps Attacks Target. Gamers Win. Review of Topps Attax 2011

I mentioned I'm cat sitting for, well, a week or so. I was given everything I need - a litter box, plenty of food, some toys, etc. Except for one thing - a litter scoop. Ahh, an excuse to head to Target to look for some Gypsy Queen! Well, fail on that part, but they did have Topps Attax. I saw two pack types, one being a rack pack-style starter set, the other a 12-card booster pack. The booster pack advertises 1:24 odds at pulling a Babe Ruth, so he must be some special insert. I went with the booster, with no odds stated. I didn't see any of the $8 starter packs, which come with twice as many cards, plus a "deluxe" game mat instead of a paper mat and two deck storage boxes.

The pack was $4 for thirty cards plus instructions and a game "board".

First, the base cards:
Manny is still in the set. If you play him, does he automatically count as an out now, since he retired? Or if he's in your team, you automatically lose? I picked three teams with the same colors, but the background color behind the flame changes based on team colors (Red Sox has a red background, etc). You'll see in the other scans. The cards feel and are cut like playing cards. And yes, the Andrus is seriously damaged on the bottom. I don't know if I did that or the card came that way.
This paper insert is a tri-fold containing shorter game rules and a full checklist on the back. Cards 1-206 are players, 207-231 are mascots, and 232-258 are ballparks. Yes, 25 mascots and 27 ballparks. I guess some teams don't have mascots. But every team has a stadium. Target Field is listed, so it's not because the stadium is new. Speaking of stadiums and mascots:
These are the "inserts" I received. Well, not really, except for the ToppsTown, since they all have standard card numbers and are part of the regular set. Feliz is a foil, which you can't really tell. I don't know if that means anything special.

I've never played a card game like this. It looks like it would be lots of fun! Here are the rest of the cards from my break. Every card but Ichiro and the four in the scan above are for trade. Tabata (top right in the first scan below) is another foil card. If you open any Attax, I will gladly trade any player cards for stadium cards.

EDIT: Derrek Lee isn't available anymore. And I see that I have two Tabata cards - one foil, one not. Perhaps the foil is a parallel.

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