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Thursday, May 26, 2011

May Card Show Pickups: A Honus Wagner T206 card?!

The greatest threat to democracy is that we get to vote! And vote we will! In my poll, located on the left side of this page!

Let's continue the party with a little Bowman Chrome from 2010.

  •  Eric Young Jr. refractor: need it!
  • Drew Storen BDP pretty in purple refractor: nope. Oops.
  • Tyler Colvin refractor: wait, I just had a refractor. Bust.

  •  2010 Bowman Draft Picks Blue Brian Matusz: Need it. A sigh of relief.
  • 2002 Topps Pristine Gold Refractor Greg Sain #21/70: Need it. I think these might have originally been sealed in a case, but that's quite alright. 
  • 2008 Playoff Contenders Rookie Roll Call Black Angel Villalona: Need it! Nice parallel, but you wouldn't know it's a parallel unless you looked it up.

  •  I'm taking a chance again with this 2003 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Status Gold parallel of Jeff Duncan. And yes, there's a lot of strange die cut going on. But I need it!
  • 2005 Origins Old Judge Ryan Garko. Another card I took a chance on, but this one is a bust. Trade stack.
  • Here's another colored parallel from 2005 Upper Deck Reflections. This is the Turquoise version, and I need it. There are two more parallels (emerald/25 and platinum/1) from this set I don't have.

 The last bit of normalcy for a minute, 2002 Donruss Rookies Phenoms of Bill Hall, which I need, and 2001 Topps Traded Chrome rookie reprint of David Justice, which I don't need. I keep picking up these cards, for some reason.

Now a few oddball cards for you to examine. Let's start with this card. It's a 2000 Topps Honus Wagner Reprint. That's all there needs to be said about this card. It's nice to have a little history behind The Card on the back, even if this is just a promo for an auction. If you're interested, there's a good book about this exact card.

Next is this 1981 San Diego Show promo card. The card store referenced on the card, Collectors Dugout, is now an Avon store. 

Now we have a subscription trading card featuring Lou Gehrig from 1983 Baseball Card News. Searching the Beckett database, I think I have a card they don't know about. They list two other cards from this set, but no Lou Gehrig. I feel special. Should I send them an email or just let them be ignorant?

Last of the oddballs, this Lou Boudreau card with no copyright information. There are a couple clues that this is the 1981 Red Sox Boston Globe, because of the trivia and text on the back. Doing a little bit more research, I find that I appear to be correct. Score another oddball for the collection!
 Now that the research and black and white cards portion of the post is over, let's finish with a few slabbed Topps cards. First, 2003 Topps Chrome Uncirculated Xfractor 01/57 of Eric Chavez. Need it! I was afraid I wouldn't.
 2004 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor of Joey Gathright, numbered 014/290. I need that one too!
 Okay, I've already got a few Pristines in my collection. This is 2004 Topps Pristine Refractor #555/999. Score! Need it!
Will I finish strong with this other Topps Pristine? 2003 Refractor, #96/99. Nope. Oh well. Can't win them all, right?

Stay tuned, folks. Tomorrow is an awesome collection of vintage, and I still have the hits to show too!

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