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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Group break announcement! And question about TriStar card shows.

No, I'm not doing a group break... yet. I have a couple boxes for a break already, but I want to add a couple more.

Colbey's awesomely affordable group break for May opened tonight! Get over there now and get you some baseball card awesomeness - teams start at $5 for three or more boxes. If you haven't been a part of one of Colbey's breaks, you should. It was the first break I ever participated in!

Now for my question. Have you been to a TriStar show? What should I expect? The SF show comes in two weeks and I want to go if it's worthwhile. I'm not buying any autograph tickets - they charge more than I'm willing to pay. But I'm wondering if any attendees have had luck finding dime/quarter type boxes and such. I know dealers can change from show to show, but a general vibe would be great to know. Are there any promos given out?

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