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Friday, May 6, 2011

On Location: Stater Bros. Stadium

Each card will present a stadium or other baseball landmark I've visited. This is card number four in the series...

This would be my first game in a desert. If you're familiar with deserts, they are empty, desolate places. Not exactly a sea of sand, Adelanto has some hills and shrubs, but it's a very beige empty area. You wouldn't think that people would live out there, but they do, and they go to baseball games frequently (read the card text). Stare Bros. Stadium is fairly standard for an early 1990s stadium - a seating bowl with a concourse above/behind it. It's fairly-barebones; there are some concessions on the concourse, but the stadium doesn't have much beyond the necessary. It works fine, the desert is plain and the stadium is built to match.

Do you like party boxes? Well check out the ones at Stater Brothers:
Yes, plastic chairs and a table in a concrete enclosure. There is a roof over your head to protect from the sun, at least.

And being in the desert doesn't afford great views. Look at the card back picture for the great view of power lines beyond the outfield. And what sits behind the scoreboard?
A manufacturing plant of some kind (and more power lines). 

It lacks frills, but it's still a comfortable, nice stadium in which to see a game.

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