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Monday, May 2, 2011

Going Postal 5: eBay Arrivals While I Was Departed

Four packages from auctionland were awaiting my return from LA. Between trip planning and other things going on, baseball cards have been on the back burner. And other than Gypsy Queen, I'm not doing too much with my collections until I get caught up from my trip. So here's the goodies:
 We start with this Andy LaRoche autographed box topper from '07 UD Masterpieces. Andy's with the A's now, so I could put this either with the sampler collection or my A's autograph collection. I'll probably go with the former. This came from fellow blogger and Masterpieces-obsessed Jeff of I Am Joe Collector. I should have asked for a base set as well - I just realized I still need it (I have the '08 set).
 Next, a lot of inserts from 1996 Topps Laser. This was inspired by Colbey's break. I've decided to do a master set of '96 Laser, but I have some of these cards in a box somewhere. This set will probably be my lowest priority for quite some time.
Last, a couple Russell Martin jerseys. Hopefully Greg will get my (still missing) trade package and I can thus initiate a new trade with him. Otherwise, these are going to end up as replacements.

1 comment:

  1. Oooh, pretty Russ Martins. I got a butt-load of packages today, but yours is still M.I.A. It would help if my post office would check in the back, but apparently that's not in their job description.