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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Going Postal 13: Cards From Another World

Dan from The Other World held his first break last month - well, it started in March, actually - and featured some fun products from a few years ago. I went with the Mariners and Giants, probably for the last time (I have way too many spare SF and Seattle cards now). Let's see what awesomeness came from Mars:
 First, one of my favorite running (but no longer running) subsets (the other being Diamond Kings) - Baseball Heroes. This is the 2008 edition, from which I received no pretty rainbowness or other special stuff.
 Another Upper Deck product, 2005 Classics. I had a large stack of Giants, and no Mariners. No hits here, either! Or inserts!
 But Topps Total starts to come through, and in the name of the Mariners. All three inserts I pulled from this set came from the Northwest. The Ichiro is a team checklist done in throwback style.
 2003 Topps Gallery is a beautiful set. I need a few SPs to finish it, and I didn't luck into the non-SP Barry Bonds I needed. I pulled an SP variation in the name of Ichiro, in addition to the regular version. These two Ichiros will probably end up in the soon-to-be-started Player Collection. I also ended up with a foil Sasaki parallel. And this:
 I might already have this card, which is an expired $5 coupon off Topps Gallery Auction original artwork. Still kind of cool!
And last, Topps 206, 2009 version. Two Mel Otts - one of them is the NNO SP variation. I had a couple bronze chunks, pitching greats Randy Johnson and Felix Hernandez. Hernandez doesn't get the respect he deserves yet, and I may end up chasing down his autograph. Oh, and that silk #18/50! Not a bad pull, and probably my best hit in a group break yet. The Dwight Gooden auto was really nice, but the Mathewson silk is really nice.

Anyway, that's it for this break. Thanks, Dan!

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