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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Minor League Team Sets of Southern California

I picked up a few team sets while cavorting around the LA area. At $5-10 each set, it isn't cheap picking up cards for my sampler collection. One team - Lake Elsinore Storm - had loose cards in a basket from several different older years. Most of the cards that were left were generally non-players, but I'm not picky, especially when they were cheap - I think they were 10 cards for a dollar.
 Here's a sample card from every team set I bought (other than the Storm cards, which were singles). While some minor league team sets remind me of the 1990s designs used by Classic and other companies, others look very modern. And that Jason Castro 2009 JetHawks card reminds me of 1959 Topps.
A couple more of the Storm singles I picked up.

If you're wondering, I generally keep full team minor league sets I pick up. I don't really want the full sets, but I figure it's better to keep them intact. And you never know, some of them could make the big leagues some day! But if you have any coach/mascot/failed prospect cards from any local minor league teams, I'm always looking. Most of those sets aren't even listed in my sampler collection spreadsheet!

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