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Monday, January 6, 2020

New Release: 2020 BBM Time Travel 1985

It's been a while since I've done one of these, since I went AWOL about nine months ago. Let's see if I can keep it up for a whole year this time, huh?

BBM's first release of 2020 came out in the middle of December. Each box contains only 15 packs, with six cards per pack. SRP is 400 yen per pack, or 6000 yen per box. There are 12 boxes per case.

Base cards are printed on a matte stock, reminiscent of pre-1992 Topps or historic menko cards. The backs are printed only in green, similar to old menko cards.
 The regular base cards have stats through 1985 on the back. Fujimoto played through the 1994 season, though his card doesn't show it.
 The first subset is a nine card set highlighting players who retired in 1985. Ikegaya played from 1974-1985, and his career stat line is found on the back, along with a long listing of his career accomplishments. His best season was 1976, when he won 20 games, lead the league in many categories, and received a few awards.
 The next six cards (#82-87) highlight events throughout the season. None of them recognize any team achievements or results from the postseason.
 Born in 1985 (#88-93) feature players who were born in 1985. The backs have some career highlights and career statistics through 2019.
 Finally, #94-97 focuses on news and pop culture in 1985, including the debut of new bullet train 100 series. The bullet train itself opened in 1964, but the 100 series brought a more aerodynamic design.

The two regular insert sets are Title Holders, featuring statistical leaders and award winners in each league. Both sets have parallels #/30.
 Central League Title Holders are green, with a CT card number prefix.
Pacific League Title Holders are blue, with a PT card number prefix.

BBM Promotional Image
The only premium set is the autograph set. Cards are serial-numbered up to 90 copies each. There are three non-player autographs included.


  1. Who are the three non-players? I'm going to guess the three other pop culture subjects.

    1. Miki Asakuri, Holding Out for a Hero singer; Yuji Matsuo, rugby player and journalist; Sadao Uekusa, announcer. Asakuri is most likely the biggest name in the group.

  2. I like the decision to print on matte stock. And I love the look of that Randy Bass autograph. It'll be interesting to see who the three non-player autographs are.

    1. I do enjoy getting some matte BBMs. I can get plenty of it from Topps and Goodwin Champions, but Japanese collectors focus so much on current players.

      See my above comment for the non-player autographs.