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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Triple Play: A Fifth Pack and Final Thoughts for Now

This is the last of the packs I bought of Triple Play. First, let's examine the contents: (Plus stupid videos to go with each card.)
 They could have put red socks in the background. Oh well.
Okay, a weak start. But still, not bad.
 I've seen this card before in puzzle form. Unfortunately, with a limited number of players in the set and ten cards with the same picture on it, I'm bound to see images repeated.
 Goodbye, and Danks for all the fish. He must be on the White Sox, since there are no bear paw prints!
Great movie!
HA. BEST. PARODY. EVER. (Except for the my hand is a dolphin! part of that video that shall not be named...)
Hot bats? Or is Sammy Sosa just getting rid of evidence?
Be warned: There is a nude flea in this video.
Albert Pujols as an Angel.
Pooh stuck in a hole. Do you get it?
There are those Under Armor-style skull and crossbones again!
Yeah, that's good enough.

What was your favorite video?

As for Triple Play, I really like it. There could be more (Upper Deck's Fun Pack sets are my favorite kids issues) but it's a great start. I'd like to see more action in the cartoons, and it would be fun if the cards somehow told a story like a comic (though not like Upper Deck's Looney Tunes Comic Ball - just some series of panels that go together somehow). In fact, that would be a great idea for the front of the puzzles. We'll see if it comes back next year, but meanwhile I will be keeping my eyes open for some discount boxes to bust and assemble my own set.

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