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Thursday, December 27, 2012

A B COMC D E F G....

Two hits for the price of one post! This time, let's look at Triple Threads, Tribute, and Tier One, three sets I'll never buy packs from.
 Green. Triple Threads parallels don't stand out like Chrome did two days ago.
 Red. The serial numbering is right on the front, so you can see how limited your parallels are right away.
 99! That's a good sepia parallel.
 Base. Matt Kemp sure is happy about something. Of all the cropped photos I see in this post, this card really needs some context.
 Topps Tribute is a beautiful set, similar to the Gold Label issues around the turn of the century. I will try to put together a Tribute base set someday. Until then, the green parallel glows like a fuel rod from Springfield's power plant.
 The black parallel doesn't look too bad, though my scanner trims it a bit.
 Now for Tier One. Here's a high-numbered relic card.
And a high-numbered autograph. Granted, this numbering in flagship Topps sets would make the card quite difficult to pull. But in limited, high-dollar releases there's not much value in triple-digit serial-numbering of lower-level players. I still need the card for my type collection though!

More tomorrow...


  1. Nice Cruz...although I doubt that's the card everyone else looks at.

  2. I just noticed that Topps put logos over everyone's crotches in Triple Threads and Tribute. Set logos should not go in the middle, apparently.