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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

On the second day of COMC posts... mailbox gave to me: nine Topps Heritage cards. Yeah, it doesn't fit the song structure, but I don't care!
 This is my first look at Topps Heritage other than the blogs. Not that I was really surprised with what I saw, since it was all over the blogs many months ago. Yes, this is a Heritage Minors insert card I started off with.
 And then a little floating head. These are kind of cool, but floating heads freak me out.
 Chrome! Give this next video about a minute to really get started. Then you should get the joke.
Did you get it? Huh? The card has a blue sheen in the scan and... no, okay, that's not it.
 I've been there twice!
 That's a leg kick.
 Hey, it's the MLB version of Prospect Performers! Go Kemp Go!
 Shouldn't there be some serious connection between the two players?
 Black parallel with a cheater. Black listed! Ha!
Last, a Minors on-card autograph. I prefer the autograph box to just be faded - the abrupt big blank spot just looks bad. Or don't fade at all, and pick appropriate photos where the blue, black and/or red ink will show. But the Storm have the coolest hat logo I've seen in a long time.

More tomorrow!

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