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Monday, December 31, 2012

Check Out My mini Cards

It's New Year's Resolution time. While I don't tend to set New Year's Resolutions, I do think of some goals for the next year. One thing I'm going to try to do is lose more weight - mini-size my belly. I've dropped a good bit since coming to Japan, but there's a long way to go. I can start by eating less at each meal... but you didn't come here to hear about my plan for getting in shape. You came here to look at little cards.
 Topps Mini cards aren't exactly mini. They're more "small" than "mini" - if they were mini they would be tobacco card-sized. But I still enjoy them.
 The gold parallels are numbered to 99. The silver are numbered even smaller.
 There were Minis distributed at the National. This is one of those cards. It is now in my collection. Notice the National notation in the upper-right?
 And the cards are specially numbered too! Unlike some manufacturers who take their regular cards and simply foil-stamp or emboss a National logo or notation on the top.
 Mini card, normal-sized relic piece. The foil name disappears in the scan over the black background.
How can you congratulate me on getting an Adam Dunn card? "It could be worse, we could have gave you a piece of John Goodman's underwear."

The minis are kind of cool but not cool enough to really chase. I miss the 1980s minis (or Topps Big for that matter) with the cartoons on the back. Bring back the fun!

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