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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Trip to Nakano Broadway: Sega CardGen

First, while I was doing a little research for one of this week's posts, I came across a blog that had linked to mine. While the posts are sporadic, they offer a great look at NPB history and plenty of old card images. Be sure to take a look at A Noboru Aota Fan's Notes. Thanks for the link!

I finally made it back to Nakano Broadway, a mall full of nerdy stores. No, really - there are dozens of stores catering to otaku interested in everything from old toys to cosplay and most everything else you could want. Akihabara is the place to go for electronics, pornography, and current toys. Plus, it's bigger and has a lot to do. But if you want obscure collectibles or vintage tin relics, Nakano Broadway is where you want to be. I'm starting out with the tame. I scored a couple team sets from Sega CardGen to trade with Nachos Grande and The Daily Dimwit - yes I bought the sets specifically with them in mind. I saw sets available for most teams, but I'm not sure who else is interested in them, and they get expensive very quickly.

I've showed CardGen cards before, so I won't get into the details. If you're interested in buying a team set or trading for it, let me know. Nakano isn't that close to me but I can make a trip next month. And I have some really awesome cards coming up soon!

Here are the Reds and Astros team sets, card by card.


  1. I may be interested but when you saw a team set gets expensive how expensive are you talking????

  2. Wow I've never seen those cards before and they look really cool.

  3. AdamE: It depends on the team. Without major stars, teams will go for a few hundred yen. But a team like the Yankees might cost around 2000-3000 yen (I don't remember exactly). As singles, common players go for 30-50 yen each but players with 7-8 stars go for 300-500 yen each. The team sets offered a pretty good discount though.

    Zippy Zappy: huh?! Which ones are you referring to? I'm confused now!

  4. I would probably be interested in the Diamondbacks unless the price was too high. We don't have much in the way of stars. Please let me know.


  5. unclemoe and anyone else interested in team sets: I'll plan a trip once I get back from Korea (or possibly this weekend, if time and money allows) and spread the word on prices. I can't guarantee all teams will be available, so if anyone wants to set a top price or offer some cards in trade, I can work something out. Getting to Nakano isn't exactly cheap, but I can plan it around other events/trips in the area too.

  6. Lol, I'm just messing with ya ;).
    But let me know if you can find Gio Gonzalez and Tyler Clippard. They're both Nationals and they're the last two cards I need to complete the full base set. (Yep, I'm at 406/408 right now :))

  7. Kenny: okay, I thought maybe you banged your head or something!

    If I come across Gonzalez or Clippard I'll let you know. I will be heading to Ikebukuro either this weekend or (more likely) early January. And I need to head towards Yokohama soon...