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Friday, December 14, 2012

Red Foley Likes the Angels

Let's critique the Angels. Information on these images is at the bottom of the page.
 The Angels are a fairly young team, coming into existence about 50 years ago. But they still have a good bit of interesting history. I think there are more puns on the team name for the Angels than for any other team.
 Nolan Ryan was such an important part of the Angels in the 1970s that he gets the main cartoon on the page, and is mentioned in every other cartoon but two! The 1973 cartoon is a little scary. How could he possibly fly with such small wings, too?
 Jim Fregosi wearing Gene Autry's hat: best cartoon for the Angels.
If I had a card license, I could make some great sets inspired by this book.

Total number of players with angel wings: 2 (plus one pennant)
Number of players with a halo: 2 (neither of which have wings) - plus the Big A halo
Number of references to angels or heaven in the cartoons: 5

All the images are from the book below. It's fun for every baseball fan, and while it's unfortunately out of date, I wish they would update it! Buy a copy today, if you don't have one already.

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