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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Card Store Pickups: Mint Akihabara

Despite visiting only a couple weeks prior, a return visit to the Mint Akihabara card store netted me some new oddballs! I'm still not sure how I end up finding all these cards...
 Sports Graphic Number (or whatever the correct name is) has issued another player-specific set, this time for Hiroyuki Nakajima. This is the front of a "box priviledge" card.
 Here's the back, almost devoid of any text. I kind of like that.
 Here is a base card example.
 And the back of the base card has very little text either. The focus here is on lots of action and fun photos.
 There is an SP insert set with more to the design, as you see here. There are two different styles to the SPs, but it looks like they're both part of the same set based on card numbering. These cards have gold foil, while the other design had silver if I remember correctly.
 The backs are the same style as the regular cards.
 Next, a quick insert pickup.
This is the Shining Super Rookies insert from the 2010 Rookie Premium set. I'm not sure what the reason is for having a Rookie set and a Rookie Premium set, though I guess the same can be said for Bowman and Bowman Chrome. At least BBM uses different designs.
 Next, some cards I really like. Epoch released a set with the greatest all-time pitchers titled Genealogy of the Aces. There are some nice autographs in the product - these cards look very classy.
 This isn't an actual autographed card, though, just a limited insert. The signature on the front is in  silver foil, though you can't tell from the scan. It is part of a limited edition of 120 (though not serial-numbered).
 I found another insert "autograph" with gold foil.
 This one is limited to 50 cards. It must have been easy for Epoch to make these - print about 200 copies of the same card, do some in silver foil with the 120 notation, some in gold with the 50 notation, and have the rest signed by hand,
 This is a BayStars team issue. It's got a lot of bling to it - a foil surface similar to Calbee's Starcard inserts.
 And here's the back. It's a limited card, though I have no idea how it was released right now.
 I picked up a few more inserts.
And I grabbed a base card as well.
 What's this card doing here? Mint Akihabara has idol costume cards for 100 yen each, so I picked up a few. All in the name of showing them to you. Yep, that's the only reason.
 I got the top. Where's the bottom?
 What a lovely dress.
 What's going on with the headpiece and necklace thing?
 Oh, wait, that's not an idol! That's a baseball player! Occasionally, I find some inexpensive (though not 100 yen) relic cards here. This one has a foil signature on the front!
Plus, it's numbered to only 100! It's a parallel card for a jersey card I already own. I'm really happy with this pickup.

That's all from this trip. Until next time...


  1. Thanks Steve! I feel like all I ever write these days are pickup reports. I guess that means I'm finding plenty of great cards, but I gotta change it up soon.