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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mint Shinjuku: Card Store Revisit

I am really lucky that I have access to so many card stores here in the Tokyo area. San Francisco itself has no real card stores, though I always enjoyed going to the stores in the Bay Area. However, with so many stores, I don't get to visit a lot of them frequently. Mint Shinjuku is one of those stores that I rarely go to.
 They have a limited number of BBM singles, which is the main reason I don't go often. However, I find some good cards cheap every time I visit. This is from BBM's 2011 Historic Collection set.
 From 2000 BBM, this insert set looks a lot like a Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion parallel.
 Ichiro promo card! This is a keeper.
 The foil on this card really stands out. Given that the name of the insert is Lightning, the background looks like heavy rain.
 I'm not sure what an EX Regular Card is, but it has its own special card number and everything.
 LSD Card Trip...
 Another BBM 2011 Historic Collection insert.
 Saduharu Oh cards aren't cheap, unless he's found on the cover of a magazine and thus not really the "focus" of the card. I'll take it anyway!
 Here's another preview card of Norihiro Nakamura. Nakamura is a pretty good player for the Buffaloes.
 Here he is in this year's Genesis set. The design on this card is way too busy - all that fancy stuff is gold foil. Add that to the crazy background and you forget that you're looking at a baseball card.
 What a sweet smile! An entire Hanshin Tigers insert set was titled Sweet Smile. I kid you not.
 For BBM's 20th anniversary, they issued two insert sets featuring great players during their history. This is the 90's Excellent Players insert, complete with foil background.
 Also on foilboard background, the 00's Excellent Players. Both of these inserts were included in the 20th Anniversary set.
The ROY Holders insert set features, well, Rookies of the Year.
Unbeatable! BBM sure has a lot of foilboard insert sets.

While the store has a very limited selection of singles, they have plenty of big ticket items in the showcases lining the walls. The store is just a convenient stop for those in the area who don't want to head up to Ikebukuro. Kenny likes this store because they have a good selection of CardGen singles he needs to build his set. I just realized I haven't done a full writeup on Mint Shinjuku yet, so I'll get on that in a couple months...

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  1. Not a fan of the new Genesis design. Someone got carried away with the filigree. I bet those cost a bundle to produce as a result of the intricate design of the foil, but it definitely isn't worth the effort.

    You should track down a 1998 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion card to put next to that Nakamura for comparison. That's a dead ringer.