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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mint Ikebukuro Gets Its Game On

While hanging out with Kenny last month, we visited two card shops: Mint Shinjuku and Mint Ikebukuro. The Ikebukuro location has a large collection of card game singles, and he was able to find a bunch of cards he needed for his CardGen set. I bought two cards:
 Martin Prado is for trade...
 Jose Altuve is for my player collection.
Yeah. All three of those are in my collection now.
 I should do something for Tuffy Rhodes too.
Yeah, I'll keep working on it.
 The rest of the cards are type collection singles. Why do I post so many single images from my card shop pickups? I'm hoping that someone doing a Google search will find what they're looking for. I'm trying to be helpful here, folks! Meanwhile, this Revival card is actually one of those cool Campaign premium cards from 2011 Baseball Heroes.
 2007 Other Card. I don't understand the reasoning behind naming the set Other.
 Another 2011 Baseball Heroes Campaign Limited card with a gold signature.
 2010 Baseball Heroes Respect insert.
 2010 Baseball Heroes Campaign Limited without signature.
 2010 Baseball Heroes Campaign Limited Gold Signature.
 2011 Baseball Heroes Closeup insert.
 2011 Baseball Heroes Expert insert.
 2009 Baseball Heroes gold foil. This card is kind of odd since I don't know of any other time when Konami did this.
 2006 Baseball Heroes Great Card insert set.
 2012 Baseball Heroes. This set got a really nice makeover this year.
 2008 Baseball Heroes Highlight insert set.
 2008 Baseball Heroes Great Card.
 My scanner cut off the bottom. I believe this is 2010. Key Person insert.
 2010 Baseball Heroes Drafted 1st. And you see why my scanner cut off the other card's bottom here - it's really dark with gold foil.
 2011 Baseball Heroes Special. I kind of like this design.
 2011 Baseball Heroes Drafted 1st.
 Another Great Card. 2005?
 Another 2012 Baseball Heroes single.
 2008 Baseball Heroes Great Card. Yes, that's Tuffy. No, I didn't find a better video for him yet.
 2010 Baseball Heroes Specialist.
 2011 Baseball Heroes Power Up Version. I should note that a lot of base gaming cards come in white and black versions, and the checklists aren't the same.
 2010 Baseball Heroes white.
 2010 Baseball Heroes Rising insert.
 2010 Baseball Heroes Opening Hitter insert.
 2010 Baseball Heroes Opening Pitcher insert. Yep.
 2010 Baseball Heroes Inter-League. Konami went overboard with the insert sets in 2010, that's for sure.
 2009 Baseball Heroes SP.
2007 Baseball Heroes Great Card to finish it off.

My goal next year will be to compile all these images together and post set details. I'll be starting with Calbee at some point...

I should note that most of these cards were discounted heavily. The Campaign cards can go for 3000 yen, and the Other cards tend to run 500-1000 yen for commons. I've now spent a couple hours shuffling through boxes looking for these singles since I think they were priced to move.


  1. Wow. Great stuff. I like that Taguchi.


  2. As busy as the designs can be sometimes, I still like the look of most of Konami's cards. The 2008 Great Card of Iwakuma is really sharp.