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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

When You Buy Cards Just Because They're Cheap

While hanging out with Dan on his visit to Japan, I came across a few relic cards that were too cheap to pass up. How cheap? 10 yen (about a dime) each.
All three are (former?) AKB48 members. The relic swatches are the same for every girl - they wore three colors of shirts, which were decorated with a Sharpie, during the photo shoot. Then, each of the shirts was cut up into about 400 relic cards each.

While the actual stage costumes would be one hundred times more interesting than a t-shirt (even if some swatches have handwritten marks on them), this is all fans will get. Even so, 10 yen for a common card is cheap, let alone a relic card! So I bought them.

Have you ever found something you didn't really want or need, but was too cheap to pass up?


  1. That is super cheap for sure. I haven't found something that cheap before that was that interesting.

  2. I'd say 25 to 40% of my card show or flea market purchases are cards I don't really want or need... but I have a hard time passing up great deals. It actually used to be much worse. I'd say 75% of my flea market purchases before 2015 were good deals I didn't really need.

    P.S. Sweet deal! Even if you paid 25x that price, I'd consider it a good deal.