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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Two New Player Collection Cards

Most of my player collections are very limited in scope to keep the budget and size down. But there are a few players who I chase every card for: Charlie Hough, Jose Altuve, and Geoff Geary. Altuve's collection skips the hits and parallels, but Hough and Geary are attempts at 100% super collections, printing plates and all.

I have two semi-super collections for Japanese players, too. And like my Hough, Altuve, and Geary collections, there aren't many cards left that I can find. So every new card in my collection is a big deal.
Motonobu Tanishige is neither playing nor managing these days. In 2017 he did commentator work, though I can't tell if he continues to do so. However, he's popped up in some OB (retired) sets recently. While I don't usually chase parallels for my Japanese player collections, I do grab them if they're a good price. So this gold foil autograph is a beautiful shiny addition to his collection.
Rami-chan stopped playing a few years ago, but is still managing the BayStars. As such, he gets a card every year in the flagship BBM set as well as their pack-based team set and some other random team-based issues. Ramirez is so popular that he even gets occasional inserts in BBM's team sets. That does mean there are a few "guaranteed" cards to look forward to every year, but finding the older singles remains a challenge.

The above card from the 2008 BBM Nippon Series set was off my radar, but I came across it while flipping through cards with Dan. It's always special to add an older card to my player collection, but it's a real treat to come across a card you didn't realize existed... even if it is a fairly mainstream card!


  1. I collect Altuve too. Except... I mainly chase his autographs and memorabilia cards.

  2. I should have picked up some of his hits back when they first started coming out... but back then $20 seemed like a lot! I'm kicking myself for that now.

    1. Yeah when I started collecting him, his autographs were in the $15 to $20 range (sometimes less). Honestly haven't really purchased anything new for him in quite some time except his rookie card, which wasn't cheap.