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Friday, February 15, 2019

Platinum and Steel: I'll Buy That for a Dollar

I definitely knocked some biggies off the want list last month.

I guess it's time for some MLB cards. And at the collector's card show, I found lots of them. I came home with more MLB than NPB, and most of them were needs. And a few of those were quite rare.

Let's start with the bling, shall we?
 This is a 2018 Topps Mini 1983 Platinum 1/1 parallel! A set that's not really cataloged yet. So I don't really know anything about it. But here it is! I wish Topps' platinum parallels were more platinum and less gray.
 I love printing plates that are reverses of the actual cards. Some plates aren't mirror images due to the printing process used, but this one is backwards!
 Here's a nice five-signature card from 2006 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection. There are some decent names on this card, and the price was right. Plus, it comes with the original COA:
 I have a Goudey buyback card that came with a COA too. Why does a buyback card need a COA? I guess to clue you in that it's a real original, not a reprint.
 Another rare autograph. This is from flagship Upper Deck. The odds of pulling this must be astronomical!
 Donruss (Playoff) products in 2004 and 2005 are beyond confusing, especially with all the parallels. Even today, Panini's products are hurt by so many parallels with confusing names. (Oh, hello Topps High Tek.) And other than Diamond Kings, I can't think of any appealing set from those years. But into the type collection they go.
 'Member when Ultra was good? But, hey, it's a Manny Ramirez relic! I hope Manny eventually gets into the Hall of Fame... he definitely was famous during his playing days.
I 'member.
 Let's put down a few layers of steel.
 Plates are some of the rarest cards to add to my collection; while I count all four colors as just one set, that means there are only four copies of each card. Only 1/1 parallels are less common in most cases.
Despite their rarity, many people tend to dismiss plates. They just don't look good - one color on a steel block with a sticker on the back. But they're always welcome in my type collection, and I'll gladly take them for my type collection too!

I should mention that most of those cards only cost me a dollar or two each. I definitely miss card shows in the US, but this Collector's Card Show always yields a few great finds!

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  1. That 5 signature card is awesome! That would have been one heck of a pull back in the day. As for the plates, I enjoy them. Haven't pulled one in awhile, but it's always exciting to see one sitting in your pack.

    1. I love these super hits. Dual-player hits aren't so impressive, but a good collection of four or more is great... usually if it's teammates or very similar players. All-Japanese, great first basemen, something like that.