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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!

Did you know that Jennifer Connelly had a hit single in Japan? Now you do. And now I'm on the lookout for a copy of the CD or album... because why not?

It's a love song, so it's an appropriate video for today, I suppose.
Connelly is one of several celebrities who I don't have an autograph or relic card for. In fact, I doubt any exist - Beckett only has a record of a cut signature from 2009 Upper Deck Spectrum. So here is one of her cards from the Rocketeer movie set, which I have.

Happy Valentine's Day, and until next time...


  1. Loved her in Rocketeer. Hell - the whole movie is awesome, but she is a definite highlight.

  2. Oh man. It was love at first sight after seeing her in Career Opportunities.

  3. Rocketeer was great, but the first movie where I noticed her was Dark City. Then I went back and saw Career Opportunities, Labyrinth, Rocketeer again...