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Monday, February 11, 2019

One More Hit Off the List

Other than my type collection, I don't have much use for hits. Okay, there are a few relic sets on my want list that I'd like to complete, but they're budget sets. Bazooka's relic sets are more appealing for the design, though the Fragments of the Farm sets are neat because of the things they've chosen to make relic cards from.

But there are a few celebrities and athletes I want relics or autographs for. The two biggies right now are Ichiro and Masahiro Tanaka autographs. 

There are a few Japanese autograph cards I am watching for, too. I've picked up all of the baseball autographs I want, so all that's left are gymnasts found in BBM's gymnastics or Venus sets.
Haruka Hirota competed for Japan at the 2004 and 2008 Olympics on the trampoline, but didn't win any medals. For the longest time, I thought that obtaining this card would mean spending about five times as much as I'd like... in other words, I would never have it. But I got it for a very reasonable price through Yahoo Japan Auctions just before Christmas!

That leaves two more gymnasts to "complete" my collection!

Until next time...


  1. As always, the Japanese ladies have the best autos!! Cool card and good luck on the other two.

    1. Whenever I come across a cool auto that I can afford, I pick it up. When I have a choice for the type collection, I go for the most appealing autograph in the bunch. I even do that with the foil signatures.

      I want to add more of the message cards, because I think those are really neat too. I think I have just one, somewhere.

  2. I'd love to add another Ichiro autograph to my collection as well. I keep telling myself one day.

    As for Hirota's signature... it's gorgeous.

  3. Another Ichiro autograph. Another... If I only had just one, that would be awesome.... I envy your collection, Fuji. Mine is more WalMart style - quantity over quality.

    1. Lack of space has forced me to focus more on quality over quantity. Once upon a time, I was all about stocking up on dime box bargains.