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Monday, February 4, 2019

Bringin' You Hit After Hit After Hit

As I finish off the random scan folder from last year, why not bring you a bunch of mojo all at once? All of these cards probably came from Mint Urawa, where I tend to find "common" hits at decent prices. A card is a card, right? These all fit in my collection somewhere!
 Home plate relic!
 Last week, I talked about how Japanese cards follow in the footsteps of MLB offerings. However, Japan's obsession with "bromides" means that "photo cards" are (were) a thing here, as are (were) film cards. I guess these compare to manu-relics in the US.
 The front of this card is quite confusing. The photo is horizontal, but everything else is vertical.

Facsimile signature cards here seem to be valued as much as authentic signatures by the manufacturers. I've seen some sellers try to charge big premiums for printed signatures on things.

I'm glad to be done with that older scan folder. Now I just need to scan all the cards from last month's show and last weekend's pickups! Until then...


  1. That Noma Card is really weird for sure. BBM interns strike again. The Japanese really love their facsimile signatures for sure.

    1. I continue to advertise my consultation services to them to create a better product. I guess they're doing fine without me, though. Maybe Epoch is interested, now that they're branching out into active player sets more and more.

  2. With the bromides, do the actually cut up a photo and embed it into the card? If so... that's really cool.

    1. Yeah, I guess you could say that. But these photos are specifically printed for the cards, and are identical on all 75 copies of that player's card.