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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trade Bait: 2011 Topps Update hits!

If the words "2011 Topps Update" in the title didn't scare you away, you might be in for a treat. Granted, there's no dual relics numbered out of 5 with really sick patch pieces and autographs of Willie Mays, but there's some decent cards here. They're all for trade, of course - please leave a comment below! Remember that most of the inserts I pulled are for trade - check my recent posts if you're interested in a package deal.

What am I looking for in trade? I'd like to finish 2011 Topps 2 and Update. Or anything else I need! I realize these aren't mega-hits or anything so I should be easy to please. I need examples of these sets for my type collection: Wal Mart blue border, Target red border, and Hope Diamond (blue /60). Please make sure the Hopes are numbered US-.

Baiting the blue Hope Diamond cards (/60, from the flagship set, not update)

Baiting the black bordered cards (/60, all update-numbered)

Baiting autographs

Baiting the Leather Nameplate
What is this card WERTH to you?
Make offers. Help me clear these cards out!


  1. Shoot me an email, I have the following for you:
    2011 Topps:
    Base: 419, 488, 491, 554
    60 Years of Topps: 82, 100, 116

  2. Do you have #201 & #216?

  3. Anon: I've not compiled a list yet. I'll try to get it done this weekend!