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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another Sticker Post? You Bet! It's Crinkly Stickers!

Why are these stickers so infatuating? Is it their low price? The simplicity of the set? The reminder of a childhood spent collecting Paninis? The attractive, minimal design?

For me, it's all four. They're certainly cheaper than even flagship Topps cards - eight stickers for a dollar. Plus, I know that all eight stickers will be for the set I'm collecting - no random ToppsTown or Attax code cards here! I can't say that I dove into those Panini stickers too often, but I managed to sneak quite a few packs into the shopping cart over the years. So there must be some sort of attraction there. There is attraction in the design. We've heard already how good the design is - better than 2011 Topps, or 2012 Topps, and so on. I'm sure the design was originally planned as a flagship release, but it works fine here.

When I originally offered up my sticker pack busts, I asked for stickers in trade. I'm sure I've helped a few people get close to completing their set! One of the traders was Ted of Crinkly Wrappers, who has worked with me in the past - he sent me a whole ton of cards which I'm about to put to good use, and in another trade, off went a short print for a sparkle. By the way, Ted is running a very limited "break" that includes some awesome vintage! Signups end tonight, I believe. I'd love to participate but the cost is too much for a man with no job. That'd be me. Oops. He closed the break this morning. (Sorry, I tried.) Anyway...

I sent Ted a handful of stickers, and he sent me back a pile! I was able to pull one sticker for every team in the playoffs except the Rangers, who were included on a sticker with playoff hopeful Brewers. Plus, there were a couple of those legend foils!
There were a ton of other stickers in the package. A big thank-you to Ted for the trade! As always, I've added the stickers to the original trade bait page - I'm happy to trade any of the stickers I have that you need for ones I don't have! I'm getting close to starting to actually put together the set.

Now, for those of you who made it this far, in honor of the stickers and today's earlier post, here's a video. No, it's not the same video from the morning post.
I love mashups.

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