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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Obak to the Fact I'm the Mack and I Know That

A little Cantaloop for you. Just in case you don't get the title reference.

I picked up a few more Obak retail packs as punishment for some reason. I say that because there are almost zero hits in retail. I think I'm done with this stuff until I can afford (and desire to purchase) a hobby box.

Almost all these cards are for trade, just ask!
 Frick me! The good thing about Obak (in my mind) is the inclusion of all these random stories from early baseball history.
 There is the occasional superstar mini with an airbrushed cap. But if Panini did a set somewhat along the lines that you see here, airbrushing wouldn't be too big a deal.
 Start was an innovator in that he was the first first-baseman to play off the bag at ... um, first. Did first basemen not field most balls hit their way before him?
 Several of the cards, including this Whitey Ford mini, pay honor to players' service.
 Notice that most of the historic player cards don't mention a team on the front.
 More-modern players mention a team, but logos are almost completely hidden or airbrushed away.
 The cards of innovators and record holders are the most interesting to me. I'm sure there are plenty of other people who want a Brandon Belt card.
 Cap Anson was the first to get 3000 hits, and 27 more have reached that plateau. He retired with 3011 hits.
 O'Neill didn't just hit any old grand slam. He hit the first pinch-hit grand slam, and the first pinch hit as an NL pitcher in the 1900s. Yes, he was a pitcher who pinch-hit, and hit a grand slam! This was in 1902, so as expected of the era, this was an inside-the-park home run.
Powers is one of those rare historic players listed with a team. If you've seen the movie The Natural, you're familiar with Powers - he inspired the character "Bump" Bailey. Powers died after crashing into a wall while chasing a pop-up.

Wow. That's a horrible card to get in my last pack. Let's end on a happy note.

Nothing cheers me up as much as singing a little song!
"I'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs!"

Here's a happy note: for the price of a retail pack (plus a couple bucks shipping), I picked up a few autographs:
Three Tim Pyznarski signed cards. One of the /100 regular autographs is available for trade, with the other two cards headed to the type collection. All three are sticker cards, but the sticker is done well. The "frame" around the autograph is part of the card itself, not the sticker, and the sticker is very clear. This means any minor off-centering isn't noticeable. Not that these stickers are off-center.


  1. I just wiki'd Tim Pyznarski, hwhy would Tri-Star include this guy in an autographed set? Yes, I said hwhy.

  2. By any chance is the Gary Sanchez available for trade? No worries if not. Let me know!

  3. I bought a 2009 complete set and a 2010 hobby box. I'd recommend the complete set.

  4. The 2010 hobby boxes are only $47 so they're probably accessible if you hold off on the retail.

    sewingmachineguy: I think he's a part of the minor league all stars set.