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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Finally found some retail: 2011 Topps Update racks

I swung up to the north bay to visit a couple card shops, and made a point to stop in Walmart for the first time since April to look for some retail packs. I saw rack packs and blasters, and the rack packs are a much better deal in my mind. So I grabbed four and hit the road. Here are the inserts and a couple base cards from each pack.
 I've been pretty lucky with pulling veteran SPs in Update. Brendan Ryan sure is happy about something - maybe being a part of the Mariners really excites him.
 Hey, Derrek Lee! Another retired SP! What's that, he's still playing? Okay then.
 But wait, that really IS another retired SP. Tom Seaver rocking the ugliest White Sox uniforms ever. 80's style, baby!
And in the last of the four packs, there's a nice Ethier sparkly parallel.

As before, all the inserts except for the Kimball Champions are for trade. As far as base cards go, after four jumbo packs and four rack packs, I have 221/330 base cards, with 49 duplicates. I'll post the Diamond Giveaway results soon (I have six codes to redeem). Meanwhile, my Topps Series 2 and Update want list is located here! Later today, I'll be posting a bunch of great Update trade bait.

Az By Cx Dw Ev Fu Gt Hs Ir Jq Kp Lo Mn Nm Ol Pk Qj Ri Sh Tg Uf Ve Wd Xc Yb Za.


  1. I'll trade for the two Rangers sparklies...Wilson and Young.

  2. Never knew that you could get Toppstown code cards in the Update Series. I've bought like 3 jumbo packs and 10 smaller packs and I haven't come across one.
    I'll keep an eye on your want list for when you write down your Base Card needs, but in the meantime I'll keep my Kimballs ready...

  3. I would like to trade for the Seaver and Jurrgens if possible

  4. Put the Ethier sparkly in my stack please and thank you.

  5. I'd like to work something out for the Larry Walker.

  6. I think I replied to everyone but Anon. If I didn't, I'll get to you in a second via email.

    Anon: Thanks! Are you interested in the ToppsTown? Not many people are, but I know some are collecting them.