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Thursday, October 6, 2011

When news is more important than cards.

Yesterday was a big day - really, it's part of a whole week of big news. But from my perspective, it really had its limelight on Wednesday.

First, you've probably heard of the death of Steve Jobs. While many view him as a visionary who brought great new ideas to the world, I see him more as someone who took new ideas and made them better. He took computers in the classroom and made them better - the Apple IIe taught me about decision-making and budgeting with the Oregon Trail. He made personal computers better with the Mac. Apple brought mp3 devices into the homes of millions, and evolved the device into the most popular smart phone and tablet in the world. He took the laptop and made it cooler, with the MacBook.

I have been a slow adopter of Apple technology. My mother worked for Hewlett Packard when I was a kid, so I had a computer running Windows, and while I used a Mac in school I have never owned an Apple/Mac computer - besides, I could build or buy a PC for half the price of a Mac. I had various mp3 players before the iPod ever came out, with more storage space at less price. I have a Blackberry, and I have an iTouch only because it was a birthday gift. Granted, I will probably get an iPad when I move to Japan.

But regardless of your devotion to Apple products, there's no denying that Steve Jobs brought much of the technology we see today to the mainstream.

Last, if you are not aware of the Occupy Wall Street movement, that's because the news corporations don't want you to. There have been marches, rallies, and protests across the country now, with support coming from around the globe. Kevin Pereira, one of the hosts of G4TV's Attack of the Show, has been following the story for a full week now, and filmed a piece (viewable on his website) regarding the Occupy LA protests.

On a random trip downtown today, I came across the encampment here in San Francisco, at the corner of Market & Main, and it just so happens I was able to witness a daytime march down Market Street to the camp (a part of a nationwide march at noon). For those of you who think this is a small protest, think again - there were hundreds of marchers, and this is just for San Francisco. Thousands are protesting daily in New York, and 15,000 marched today down Wall Street.

This event affects all of us, so if you are not aware of the goings-on, check the websites above, and read through the news reports. It's the voice of the real American people, demanding to be heard through all the political spin and corporate secrecy. It's about a nation - and a world - tired of the situation and the lack of effort being done for the common good.

I'm trying my best to keep my political thoughts out of this, and I won't tell you where I stand on the issue, but I believe at the very least it's important for everyone to know about what's going on.

(And how about these division playoffs? Three of the four series are going to a fifth game! How exciting!)

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