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Sunday, October 23, 2011

...Sunday ...Trader: ...Joe

...I ...could ...type ...the ...entire ...this, but I won't. You're welcome!

If you haven't guessed yet, this fantastic assortment of cards come courtesy of ...Joe, who runs the blog The Sandlot. He wanted a Reyes SP I pulled from Goudey, and in return he sent me a bunch of player collection cards!

Let's start with the Cals:
 What's up with the scanning there on the left? I don't think I ever realized the '98 set had team logos tiled behind the gold foil player and team names. Maybe I did. But man, that's tough to read.
 They say if you wring out a Barry Bonds card, the steroids drip out like water from a rag. I'm not about to find out.
This is a great pair of cards to end with. Topps chose to use images of Griffey sliding into a bag twice, where he's in nearly the same pose. Despite the large empty space on Griffey's left, I might like the '92 card better.

And that all. Thank you, Joe!
Steroids are funny.

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