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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Build Stacks of Cards, Then Knock Them Down. And other random observations.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, the big news on Thursday was the two earthquakes that shook the area in a period of six hours. If you've spent the past six months in Japan, a 4.0 isn't that big of a deal - they have daily earthquakes much stronger than that. And if you live on the east coast, you're probably thinking back to the bigger one you had a few weeks ago. But in an area that's waiting for the next big one, a couple 4s could be the warning that a more serious quake is on the way.

Of course, the quake struck just a couple days after finishing the team sorting for my clearance trade, but thankfully the stacks didn't even sway. I'm writing this post Thursday night - by the time this post hits Saturday afternoon I should have the team bags in hand, and by this time tomorrow I hope to have all the cards team-bagged. Then, the cards will be safe, and the ground can shake again if it so desires.
Again, it's 2AM Thursday night (or is that Friday morning). I have been on a writing tear - not that I've written anything profound - and I'm about to go to bed. But every time I receive an email, my Blackberry dings, and I get excited. Is it another comment on my blog? Is someone replying to another blog post I wrote a comment on? Is someone emailing me about a trade? Nope. It's AT&T, telling me my cell phone bill is ready. Disappointment. At two in the morning. I know things are slow at this time of night. I think the Night Owl is the only other person up consistently at this point, writing his posts. The only thing worth watching on TV is through instant streaming on Netflix. I've been through Family Guy, South Park, and Futurama so many times I think I might know the dialogue. I guess things are slow this time of year as baseball winds down and people begin their card hibernation. Let's face it: only a few of us are picking up Update, and there isn't much to talk about there. Finest, Chrome, Triple Threads, and Bowman Chrome are all out, but most of us aren't busting boxes or building sets of those products, instead picking and choosing for team and player collections.

But it sure is quiet at 2AM.
Quiet enough to sleep?


  1. Yeah, as baseball season comes closer to a stop so do the collectors. Still, Opening Day will come closer than we all think...