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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The big clearance sorting is complete!

It took five hours of intense devotion to cards, but now the literally thousands of cards I need to clear out are sorted by team and are about ready to be sold. Have a look:
Obviously the teams aren't equal. The Yankees have the most cards, but the Braves (middle of the back row) are very close, and so are a few other teams and stacks. The D-Backs and Rays have the smallest stacks, as you would expect.

Here's another view:
Don't worry, those flag tags are on top loaders. I need to hit the card store for some large team bags to keep these cards safe, and then I'll get to making the official offer. There are way too many cards here, so I'm going to have to bump up the price to cover extra shipping, but you'll probably get priority shipping in a flat-rate box. There are about 150 cards in the Rays stack, so everyone will get more than that - I'm guessing the Yankees have 400-500 cards in their stack! Plus, I'm considering doing this as buy-one-team-get-another-free, provided they fit in the box - oh, the joys of flat rate shipping.

So how about some other cards?
This is a beautiful set. The page-turn curve is kind of intrusive, but they make up for that by putting another photo on the front. This is 2000 Topps Gold Label, and I have decided to collect the set. I should mention that it's issued in three "classes" (as you can see on the bottom-right of the card). Each class has the player in a different pose - running, batting, or fielding. I'm not picky about the class, and each class is printed in equal numbers in the 2000 issue. A better version of the set is the 1998 issue, which has a similar design (a holofoil background and two photos) without the graphic obstruction. I think I'll eventually add the '98 and '99 sets to my want list.


  1. Ryan, interested in the Jays here, let me know how much it will be. thanks,

  2. Ryan, I might be interested in the Reds and/or Tigers and/or Cubs - probably not all three but maybe one or two. In other words, let others jump ahead of me for any of them - but if you're left with any of them when it's all said and done, circle back with me. And, yes, I know you're holding some cards for me still! Thanks!

  3. Still interested in the Braves. Thanks!