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Monday, October 24, 2011

Going Postal: Big ol' trade with Adam

Adam contacted me about my extra Giants, and I was glad to find someone who could use all the cards I didn't need from group breaks, trading and such. So I gathered up all I could find and sent them off, and he sent me a bunch of great cards in return.

Let's start with the stick-icky.
There were a few stickers that didn't fit on the scanner, but you get the idea. The Schmidt foil is much appreciated - I think I might already have it but Jim might not, and I owe him big time - you'll find out why soon.
 Adam included a bunch of great oddballs, including that Smokey the Bear card from what I think is an Angels team set - I'll do the research later when I feature it on the Cardboard Zoo. There are some great Donruss inserts too, as you see.
 The Diamond King may be needed for the type collection, but I might need it more for my DK collection! And I love the mini Cracker Jack there in the center.

When Adam asked about what I might want in trade for my Giants, he pointed me towards his hits, and I told him to just find me a couple cards I needed - in addition to everything above, he sent for relic cards!
 Is it just me or is each scan of cards getting larger and larger? That Swing Kings card is really nice, and reminds me of the plethora of inserts Ultra used to put in its packs in the mid-90s.
Hey, a couple A's! Eric Chavez is kind of hated by A's fans now, like he's a traitor for signing with the Yankees. But if his Wikipedia page is accurate, he wasn't optioned by Oakland, so can you blame him for playing with a different team?

Adam, thank you for a great trade! I have plenty more Giants cards now that I sorted all the clearance stuff out, so hopefully we can work something else out!

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