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Friday, October 21, 2011

Rhubarb? Whoever heard of a rhubarb? (Trade Post!)

Post title inspiration:
David (Rhubarb_Runner) and I have traded before. The first trade took something like 23 emails to come to an agreement, mainly because I can be a tough guy to shop for. You don't think I know this? I spend hours at a show hunting through quarter boxes looking for stuff that I might be able to use in my collection, and it seems like half the stuff I buy ends up in the trade bait piles.

So David (who, by the way, runs the great blog with the great name: 

"é rayhahn, rayhahn"

Yes, I had to copy it from his website, since I can't do the funny e character.)
Anyway, David asked the question:
 It's a valid question. And I think I do have almost everything that most others could offer as trade bait. I should stop buying new product and just trade for it. Except, if I stopped buying new stuff, I wouldn't have anything to trade with. At least I also want everything - there are still about 25,000 cards needed for my type collection, 1000 awards/leaders needs, and singles for all kinds of insert sets (lists almost always up-to-date in the trading page, linked in the top-right of the blog).

It didn't take 23 emails, this time. David wanted a relic I found at a card show, and offered up this Frank Thomas dual relic in exchange:
 But the Big Hurt needed some company for the journey, so he threw in a few friends. This is just a couple of the cards (the rest were entered and filed in my collections too fast, oops!):
The Time Raines card comes from Long John Silvers, a restaurant I forgot existed until I moved into my loft about three years ago (mmm, hush puppies). I haven't seen one since moving to California a year ago... The O-Pee-Chee team checklists is one of those "insert" sets I mentioned I'm putting together. I have only a few, and they have their own page linked through my want lists.

The cards are much appreciated, David - thank you very much! I'll keep my eyes open for more Twins relics this weekend.

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