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Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Update: Two more jumbos of 2011 Topps Update

I made a run Friday afternoon up through the north bay for lunch and to hit a couple card shops. The first stop was Diamond Sports Cards, where I picked up two jumbo packs a couple weeks ago. I bought two more jumbos while picking up a bunch of team bags for clearance packaging.

I'll save you the effort of searching through base cards for the inserts.
 The first pack was pretty good if you're into short prints! The Yaz is one of those liquorfactors, and the Strawberry isn't. I did pretty good with retired SPs this weekend, and all the cards above are for trade!
Because of the Strawberry being an extra "insert" in the pack, I put the Kimball in this scan. The autograph pull wasn't too bad, though it's no Brandon Belt. All the cards above are also for trade, except the Kimballs.

My Topps Series 2 and Update want list is posted here. I'll have a whole bunch more great stuff from Update for trade tomorrow, including some more autographs and /60s!


  1. I'd like to make a play for the Prado and Yaz.

  2. Downs, Francis, White, and Garcia, por favor.