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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Gold Label of baseball cards

These cards are pure beauty. They have a great shine from the foil background that doesn't darken or bleach away with lighting changes or scanning. The two player photos are crisp, and the team logo is colorful and vibrant. The background is generic enough to be unobtrusive yet still attractive. It really stands out as a terrific card. Though I can't understand why Dante Bichette is standing in front of ivy in his home uniform.

I picked up a large lot of these - all the others are below, and this represents the start of my collecting of the set. I didn't pay much attention to the cards, and ended up with doubles, triples, etc. of many of the cards. I'll be tossing them into the clearance stacks as I work through them.

A quick pimp for the bottom of the post: Derek of Tomahawk Chopping is doing a $15 trade draft, which gets you 25 inserts/parallels plus two hits. Not a bad deal if you ask me! I'm in. Are you?

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