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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rotate Your Night Owl!

I've waited a long time to post this video...

Finally, the time has arrived where a package from the great Night Owl slipped into my mailbox. These cards were actually (consolation) prize winnings from his contest. It was a ton of fun just participating so these were great to get as a bonus! Thank you!
My own little tribute to Night Owl's contest. I only spent 2 minutes ripping his design, where he probably spent an hour or more.
First, some Topps cards. He sent three base cards for my set (here's one).
 He also sent three Kimball minis for my set! Two of them are Dodgers - I bet he gets lots of random current Dodgers in trades.
 I like making minis look bigger than regular cards.

I think he works in threes, because in addition to three Topps and three Kimballs, there were three Bowman Platinum USA cards, including a purple refractor! The refractors look so much better with my scanner than the regular foil cards.

Yeah, you guessed it. Night Owl went after my Women in Sports collection with a small handful of SkyBox/Hoops cards.
 I have to say, the WNBA cards got better over the years - these early issues aren't too inspiring. But, they're women on sports cards!
Okay, one more poke at the WNBA.
He tossed in a little note.
So true. So true.

Thanks again for the great prize!


  1. Ryan, great video...loved it.

  2. Great. Now I've wasted too much time looking at owl videos. Thanks.