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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Heritage Minor League Triple Pack Break

It's just as the title implies: I picked up three hobby packs (the only kind!) of the new Heritage Minor League release. Here are my findings:
 The first pack was quite boring. I recognize Yasmani Grandal from my spring trip to the LA area, but not James Jones.It's fun pulling cards of players I recognize in these minor league packs.
 Nine more base cards, and again two southern California League players - Reymond Fuentes sounds somewhat familiar, but Jonathan Villar is a name I recall well. He played alongside Jose Altuve in Lancaster, and I was fairly impressed by his fielding abilities. He didn't turn out too great by the end of the year as far as statistics go, but that never really matters to me.
Yes, you see that correctly, I pulled a jersey hit. It's a dark shade of green that reminds me of a late summer thunderstorm moving through Georgia. Maybe that's the team's intention? The jersey card meant one less card in the pack, so you get to see the pack in the middle of the scan! I have a feeling Liriano is on his way out. He's been playing since 2008 and can't get past single-A; at the rate he's going he'll make the majors some time around his 26th birthday.

I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get a tint parallel, but I was pleasantly surprised to pull a jersey! This set is exactly what I expected it to be. It's exactly the same as Heritage, except with minor league players. Is that good? I don't think so. As I've said before, purposefully decreasing the quality of the photo detracts from the design of the card. I'd rather see a quality photo - at least flagship brand quality - on the old design. The low quality makes every single one of these cards look like they're supposed to be some sort of tint variation.

The Liriano and Gary Brown cards are being kept but all the rest are for trade!


  1. I like minor league cards, I usually grab one of all the sets I can find whenever I hit a Texas league game here. In your one picture, there's another California player on there, the Inland Empire 66ers. They play in San Bernardino. Did you get to see a game in Elsinore? Nice little stadium, isn't it?

  2. Reivax, I did see a game in Elsinore, and the 66ers at that (I missed that card somehow). Lake Elsinore's stadium is very nice, and I understand it cost them a fortune to build. But at least it has a nice setting that feels unique from all the desert and city stadiums in the LA area. That's a long drive from even Anaheim, though.