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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's not Triple Threads, but Close!

I wish I could show off some mad hits on this blog every once in a while. Dropping some Triple Threads triple patch numbered to a single digit into a post might make for some interesting conversation. I have had some recent luck with Triple Threads that I'll tell you about in a few days. Meanwhile, for the same eBay price as an average triple relic card from Triple Threads, I picked up a nice stack of relics and autographs.
 Ultimate Collection cards have been quite elusive, until recently. It's like they've started coming out of hiding. I like the blue swatch, which is welcome from all the white and grey I usually see. The Middlebrooks autograph is from a current-year minor league set, which I rarely see cheap. He had a good year at AA, but not-so-good time with AAA Pawtucket. I wouldn't say he's worth giving up on yet.
 Another blue swatch, this time of slugging hero Adrian Beltre, paired with Dallas McPherson. Alexei is a decent starting shortstop for the White Sox.
U. G. L. Y. You ain't got no alibi! Wait, I already did that within the past month. Seriously, Uggla needs a different last name. Chris Shelton played all of six games at catcher, being moved to first base. He last saw a major league field in 2009.
 Throwback Threads is another example of a quality Donruss insert design, excluding the gray swatch on the gray background. See what I mean about Ultimate Collection? Two pickups in one day? It never happens.
Anthony Slama spent the year in Rochester, home of the Red Wings, the Twins' AAA farm team. He's put up respectable numbers as a relief pitcher, and saw auction in two games with the Twins. He struck out three and walked two, giving up no hits or runs in 2.1 innings of work. I'm really surprised I was able to get this card. The Chris Duncan card is yet another example of quality insert design, and the preview for Playoff Contenders has a similar look. Just add wood borders and change a little bit of the layout.

I could have bought a cheap Triple Threads triple relic for about $20, but instead, I picked up all ten of these relics! Ten times the bang! And hey, I got a triple relic numbered to 99 of an up and coming prospect as part of the deal!


  1. Is the Hunter for trade?

    The Slama is a nice one. If he was identified (front or back) as a Twin, that would have been one I would be pursuing as well. And no, the hat doesn't do the trick ;)

  2. Yeah, it's kind of funny that they left the team names off those cards. Hunter isn't really for trade, unless you can find me another card from the same set or better as a replacement (in which case, I'll be glad to trade).

  3. Not sure I can find the same set, but I see you need a Frank Thomas relic: I have a base/jersey card. Or, I have a Maddux/Johnson dual bat (!) card