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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Trader: The Lost Collector

You would think with all the detailed want lists and have lists I keep, that I would do a better job of keeping track of trades. I tried that for a while, and sure, I keep email conversations archived in different folders as I can remember to sort them out, but it makes for exciting afternoons when two or three packages drop into the mail slot when I'm not expecting anything.

These cards came from AJ (The Lost Collector) in exchange for an Obak I pulled earlier this summer:
 I should have put more thought into the order in which I scanned these. Gwynn is headed for the player collection, while Petit will hopefully be a type collection need. I might have just picked one of those up at the show yesterday.
Wiley Coyote could be a type collection need too. Rickey's another one of my players, but man, every time I see him in that Yankees uniform I want to vomit. I don't know why - it's not some incredible hatred for the Yankees. It's probably the hair pushing its way out of that tiny Yankees cap he's wearing. Whatever!

Yankees uniform or not, the cards are appreciated! Thanks, Mr. Collector! This is much more than I expected for a silly little unlicensed card!
Good commercial.

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