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Sunday, July 10, 2011

New stuff most of us don't care about part three: Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects

Oh heavens! Another Bryce Harper autograph! I can't wait!
Bowman Series 3 (or is it 2? 4?) will hit shelves late this year with the same stuff it always has. Should I be excited? The people on the Blowout forums are, but this is right up their alley - buy a bunch of cases, turn around the big hits for a profit, and dump the rest on the market cheap.

I've said a lot about Bowman on this blog. I'm not a fan, though when I have pack fever and I find it in stores, I pick some up. We all know what this set looks like. We all know what to expect.
Don't panik!

Ha ha. Happy pills.

The Draft Picks and Prospects release does have something that interests me: Team USA cards. As usual, there will be 18 cards from the 16U Team USA in the prospects set. That's all I want - the base team set, #BDP93-110. I'll need a full run of parallels for the Zoo, as well, because this is a different release. I wish they'd just call this series 2 or 3.

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