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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Totally off-topic.

I'm sitting here right now, writing up a three-post series for the rest of the week. It should be interesting.

But I just saw a commercial on TV that I have to tell you about.

After I pick my jaw up off the floor.

I literally stopped writing one post to write this one.

So, how's your mood these days?

Really? I mean... really? Are we seriously just giving away anti-depressants to people?

Do you have stress? It's not your fault! But now, there's help! Introducing, Happy Pills!

Didn't they make a movie, or five dozen, about societies taking happy pills and the problems it causes?

"We know once you see how confident, relaxed, happy and healthy you feel, you'll want to order more!"

That's right, they are ADDICTING!

Really? How did this get approved?

There's a pill for everything these days. Too bad there isn't an employment pill. Once you take it you get a good-paying career that you'll love! Oh well.

Totally off-topic. But I couldn't believe it. And I thought I was done with annoying commercials when Lipozene finally stopped advertising when I watched TV. Other than those Humane Society "You're a horrible person because you don't give money to us" commercials. Yes, I realize I'm writing in sentence fragments.


  1. Our overmedicated society is one of the biggest problems we have. It's disturbing, and it's even more disturbing the number of people who have no idea that this is an issue. It is a major problem.

  2. I think they make a medicine for people who think people are taking too much medicine.

    Night Owl is right. As a former teacher, it was alarming to see how many kids were on some type of medicine. That always seemed to be the first choice for parents/doctors...get 'em on Ritalin or some other drug.

    I work nights, as you know, and one of our "jobs" is to keep an eye on world events that might affect our operations. As such, we have four televisions in our office and they are on 24-7. During the night, it's slighty possible that one of the televisions might, just might find it's way on to some channel that isn't a news channel. We see the most ungodly assortment of commercials and it is amazing what "they" are trying to sell us these days.

  3. If you're happy and you know it, Share your Meds!!

    I totally agree with the sentiment on crazy commercials. and the SPCA ones, I love my shelter girls and would not trade them for the world, but I have to change the staion whenever those ecommercials come on. I donate enough to the SPCA during the year that I don't need a guilt trip...

  4. Even more it pathetic that I recognize this actress? She played Greg Brady's wife, Nora, in A Very Brady Christmas. Oh yes, the TV special with the Brady kids all grown up.

    Covers face in shame for knowing that. Please don't ban me from your blog.