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Friday, July 8, 2011

New stuff most of us don't care about part one: In The Game Series 2

The past couple weeks have been filled with announcements of upcoming products. Most of these products come out after the baseball season is over, and if you know enough about yearly product trends, this is a time when most of the releases don't cater to the needs of the average collector - meaning the type of collector who reads this blog. We have Topps Update, and then a long, cold winter waiting for next year's flagship set.
One of the products just announced is In The Game's Heroes and Prospects Series 2. Not really a set for the end of the year - the details came out June 30, and the release is the first week of August.
If you didn't buy any of this when the first series hit a few months ago, it is a hit-only product, meaning there is no base set. Each pack contains five cards, all of which are autographs, memorabilia, or cut autographs.
I have yet to see a single one of the cards form the first series of this set at a card show, and prices are too high to work towards the Zoo collection anyway. Hopefully most of the cards will be continuations of series one - there were 52 sets in that release, and since they're all hits, they aren't easy pickups. The three preview images above are of new inserts. You know I won't be getting my hands on a presidential autograph, barrelhead relic, or Hank Aaron cut autograph anytime soon.

Perhaps, in a few years, when all the prospects have burned out or faded away, I'll be able to grab some of the cards on the cheap. In the meantime, did anyone buy any series one? Any thoughts?

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  1. No I did not. Not a big fan. I did buy Onyx ball hobby box. That's about as far as I got. I will buy the Leaf cuts when they come out.