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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Going Postal: Time Travel and Trades

Christmas in July! There were at least half a dozen card packages in the mailbox yesterday. Let's dispense with the purchases first and save the good stuff for later today.

 There are a few costume cards in the new Tudors non-sport set that I want to collect. I managed to win this one fairly cheap, and I also picked up the base set inexpensively. Here's a sampling of cards and man could enjoy:

Next we have a lot of Opening Day inserts.
 Several Spot the Error cards! I enjoyed this year's offerings from Opening Day, and decided to put together some of the inserts.
 My favorite remains the Stadium Lights insert set. I tried to scan them all together like the Spot The Error, but the image split:
 Last, the Presidential First Pitch set. George W Bush has two cards in the set. Why is that?
I also picked up three nice Upper Deck 2010 inserts to work towards the Zoo and Heroes collections.

As this post goes live, I should be at one of four flea markets going on tomorrow I want to visit! Here's hoping for some random oddball cheapies.

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