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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Going Postal: Don't be a Player Hater. Or a Fathead.

Yeah, more cards coming in the mail. Amazing, huh?
 I was able to knock off several player collection needs from one dealer on Sportlots while picking up a couple cards for a recent prize winner. I still have a prize winner to announce, too. Later this weekend?
 Lots of green, and lots of gold. The use of color instead of white borders is what makes me like these TOpps issues. However, of all the colors Topps used, gold is my least favorite.
 I love these Clear Path To Greatness cards. Cody Ross is added to my autograph personal collection for his participation with the 2010 Giants.
 This is my first Fathead "card" from the 2009 team logo set. These are so much easier to collect than the $100 giant wall packs. They're essentially wall clings. This thing is pretty large, too.
Front Row issued 42 baseball sets between 1991 and 1993, most of them small player sets like this. I'm not sure what the reason was for companies like Front Row, Star, and Mothers Cookies producing so many little sets. I guess if you couldn't acquire a full MLBPA license, you just airbrush out the logos for the players you can sign to individual contracts and give them their own little sets. This one is 16,395 of only 25,000 sets issued. Only 25,000! Imagine if there were 25,000 of every Topps Gold card issued today. Back then, 25,000 wasn't that much, though, as everyone bought everything released expecting to make a fortune back in a few years.

Let's shift "gears" here and look at some recent arrivals for my number one player collection, Geoff Geary:
 I'm digging that rainbow (purple/blue/green) in the middle there. The Special F/X rainbow will be much more difficult (an example on the bottom right). I picked up several minor league cards, as you can see.
A few more minor leagues, including what will most likely be Geary's last issue, the 2010 Redhawks team issue card. This puts me at 22 cards of Geary (yes, this stack here tripled my collection), 59.46% of his total number of issued cards, not counting the 16 printing plates. I'm excited!

Last, the highlight of the week (month, etc), this fantastic work of art:
I don't know what's up with her eyebrows in the painting, but looking at the original:
I can see where they could have over-darkened her eyes to make her look like some neanderthal. I'm very happy with my autograph, though! This is the first 2011 Goodwin in my hands, though there are a few other autographs I want. With Ginter out, there are several more autographs to chase, so hopefully I'll have more non-baseball mojo to show off in the next month or so.

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