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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Breaking Rocks ... and Packs ... at the Quarry

When Johnny (hiflew) at Cards from the Quarry announced his latest break, I jumped on the Yankees and Red Sox, and I think I did quite well. No Jeter autographed 1/1 superfractors or anything, but a decent job at least! Plus, Johnny tossed in a bunch of cards for trade. You'll see those later.

By the way, his July break has been announced and teams are going fast! $12 for one team, $22 for two; four good boxes guaranteed, with up to six total if all 25 or more teams are sold!

Here's my June break results:
All cards from this break are available for trade unless noted - I kept three with one more pending.
Boston first, since they just moved into first place.
 I like Pacific products. and Aurora's a nice one. I totally forgot about Avery playing for the Red Sox. Nomar and Pedro were a couple of players on my MVP team in '03.
 Speaking of Nomar and Pedro, these are "Pennant Fever" inserts, and I lucked into both of them.
 Speaking of lucking into inserts, this is one of those On Deck Laser Cuts. The names of Pacific Inserts are kind of strange, but the laser cutting on these cards is nice. And it's Nomah.
 Now for some '96 Studio. If this was a set of beautiful women in sports, it would be perfect - a nice action shot placed over a close-up portrait. Instead, I get to look at Jose Canseco. I have a Canseco player collection, but he ain't the prettiest guy in the world. The Mo Vaughn in the bottom row is a Gold Proof, limited to 2000 copies.
 Topps Chrome doesn't make much sense to me, and has never been interesting, though I do like the refractors. Kept: Scott Williamson. The Chrome design works fairly well on these cards, though. And I got a refractor:
Bill Mueller Gold Refractor. Mueller won a Silver Slugger award in 2003, and this nice card will fit into the collection. (Kept.)

Now for the second-place Yankees.
 Chili Davis! Chili is a funny name. I like chili. Chili cheese dogs, chili con queso. It's a spicy-hot food, but when you're chilly, you're cold. Chili will stop you from being chilly. Ok, that's enough.
 No Jeter autograph in this break, but I did get the Jeter Laser Cuts...
 And the Jeter Pennant Fever.
 More Topps Chrome, including that Ruben Sierra red x-fractor thing. While it isn't serial numbered, there are only 61 cards. It is almost the best card in the break, but not quite. (Partly because I already have an x-fractor. How did I manage that?)
 No, the '96 Studio Yankees cards aren't the best cards of the break. Kept: one of the Jeters. It's this one:
I'm not exactly how this ended up in the break, but I'm happy with it - I did pretty well even without it! Like the X-Fractor above, I already have a sample of this set for the zoo. I've debated adding Randy Johnson to the player collection, but I'm not quite sure that I want to do that.

Update: I wrote this post early Saturday morning (around 2am, I guess that's late Friday night). If you play count-the-Jeters, I show five cards, and Jeter had five hits to go way beyond 3000 hits. How about that!

So here's where you guys come in. I'd like to see if anyone's interested in trading the Randy Johnson for a relic from my player collection I need, or a relic/auto from a set I don't already have. If I get a respectable offer (I don't expect anything totally awesome, but please don't offer me any David DeJesus '11 Gypsy Queen autographs), then it's yours. Otherwise, I'll keep it and start a Randy Johnson collection! Let me know if you're interested!

As for the other cards in the break, most of them are for trade. If you see something you want, let me know!

Thanks, Johnny, for a great break! In a couple hours, I'll post the extra cards he sent for my collection.

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  1. Nice write up Ryan and thanks for the plug. BTW, the Randy Johnson came from the bonus discount blaster/folder/thingy that I found at Meijer. Nice pickups and I hope to pull you a Braun or Prince rookie this time around.