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Sunday, July 3, 2011

1979 Topps Comics - A TCIC Feature Post

I've been a collector my entire life. It started before I can even remember, because my mother would tell stories of me coming home with rocks in my pockets. As a child, at one point or another, I had shells, Micro Machines, Hot Wheels, books (still do), legos, coins, and stamps. At some point I convinced my mom to buy some boxes of Bazooka bubble gum for chewing, and I collected the comic strips. They weren't baseball oriented, but like baseball cards I believe they were numbered, and I tried putting sets together. I don't recall if I was successful.

Maybe those comics are the reason why I enjoy comic and art cards so much today. I wasn't interested in comics as a kid, so I can't tie it into that. Regardless, I always enjoy comic and cartoon art now, so it makes sense that this set would be in my collection.

The 1979 Topps Comics set is the oldest set in my TCIC collection by a decade. The complete set is 33 cards, although each card is printed on the thinner paper used to make Bazooka comics. Though this was a "test" issue, it isn't too difficult to find.

My set is nearly complete - I'm missing comics 4 (Nolan Ryan), 28 (Pete Rose), and 29 (Dave Parker). It never really caught on with collectors, most likely due to its flimsy waxy nature, comic images instead of photos, and it's size (3" x 3-1/4").

The art is similar to the Laughlin issues, another series of sets I enjoy (but don't collect yet). Unlike the drab, uninspired offerings of basic Topps sets of the time, this set pops with its vibrant colors and action art images.

 My entire collection is shown in this post, not necessarily in card number order.


  1. Wow, I hadn't ever seen these before. I love the "Prince Valiant" haircut on Phil Niekro.

  2. I have a couple here for trade; still trying to get a Carew comic.

  3. I have lots of these. Interested?

  4. Hey guys (Anonymous most recent) - if you have Ryan, Rose, or Carew and are willing to trade something easy I'm game. Anonymous, I don't mind you offering to mmmrhubarb either but if you have a Carew and don't receive a response you may want to contact him by clicking on his name in the comments. He might not be following comments.

  5. I have the full set. What is it worth? I am willing to sell it.

  6. My SCD lists the full set at $15, which may be a little bit more than people are willing to pay. After shipping, you'd probably be able to get $10-15 for the full set.

    1. I have a roll of this test issue, about 8" in diameter. I'm guessing a few hundred completed uncut sets. A friend of mine worked at the plant where it was printed, and when Topps scraped it he received a few rolls..

  7. Kevin: that's awesome! I'm a big fan of oddballs, and that includes things like uncut sheets (I have a couple of those back in America). Kind of hard to display but I believe an uncut full set sheet would look nice in a long custom frame.

  8. Kevin cool roll if you want to sell write me
    Thanks ...Dan