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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Allen & Ginter State Box Topper Relics

The first state box toppers have hit eBay, and they look great! I want the set, but it isn't going to happen anytime soon. Relics are numbered out of 50, and die cut to the shape of the state. I'm not terribly impressed with the combining of states (though I guess that makes the set a little easier to complete) or and the use of the same relic for multiple states. Only time will tell where this ends up overall.
Preview image of Florida relic boxloader.
Over the next few days, as cards show up, I'll try to keep up with the relics included in the cards through this post. As of 3:45 Friday, I'm missing Indiana and Minnesota. Both have hit eBay but I don't know what the relics are.

  • Alabama - produce sack
  • Alaska - wood
  • Arizona - dirt from Monument Valley
  • Arkansas - centennial brick
  • California - redwood tree bark
  • Colorado - soldier's scabbard from Indian War (same as New Mexico)
  • Connecticut/Maine/Massachussetts/New Hampshire/Rhode Island/Vermont (all on same card) - Fenway Park piece of Green Monster
  • Delaware/West Virginia/Virginia/Maryland - leather from soldier's gun sling (First Battle of Bull Run)
  • Florida - space shuttle parachute
  • Georgia - Loews Grand Theatre brick (Gone With The Wind premiere)
  • Hawaii - USS Missouri wood piece
  • Idaho - Yellowstone wood (same as Montana/Wyoming)
  • Illinois - wood from dam in Old Salem where Lincoln would tie up his boat
  • Indiana
  • Iowa - wood from Wyatt Earp's hometown
  • Kansas - brick from Front Street in Dodge City
  • Kentucky/Tennessee (both states on one card) - Churchill Downs wood
  • Louisiana - silk from 1885 American Exposition in New Orleans
  • Michigan - brick from Corvette assembly plant
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi - wood
  • Missouri - brick from Bonnie & Clyde's hideout
  • Montana - Yellowstone wood
  • Nebraska - wood from Boys Town
  • Nevada - Las Vegas dirt
  • New Jersey/Pennsylvania - wood from tree at Brickyard Battlefield
  • New Mexico - soldier's scabbard from Indian War (same as Colorado)
  • New York - Statue of Liberty concrete
  • North/South Carolina (both states on one card) - civil war shotgun
  • North Dakota - soldier's haversack from Indian War (same as South Dakota)
  • Ohio - roller coaster (wood)
  • Oklahoma - brick from Oklahoma territory
  • Oregon - wood
  • South Dakota - soldier's haversack from Indian War (same as North Dakota)
  • Texas - soldier's blanket from Indian War
  • Utah - dirt from Canyonlands National Park
  • Washington - silk from 1962 Seattle World's Fair
  • Wisconsin - wood
  • Wyoming - Yellowstone wood (same as Idaho/Montana)


  1. This are pretty sweet. But with only of 50, it's next to impossible to put together unless you start snapping them up as they appear, I'd imagine. I'm in no position to do that myself. Still would be an awesome set to build and frame.

  2. I agree, they're beautiful but there's no way I can snatch these up at these high prices right now. I'm hoping that I'll be able to pick them up cheap once the fever dies down, or maybe not.