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Monday, July 11, 2011

What do I do with these?

A few months ago, I was considering doing a break, and picked up a couple retail boxes of 2010 products on the cheap: National Chicle and Topps Update.

I seriously doubt I'll be doing any breaks. Should I open them? Keep them? I keep looking at them with no idea what to do. I have the complete Update and Chicle sets, so I couldn't build my own set, and I think I have all the inserts I need from Update that I would likely pull from the box.

What do you think?


  1. You could find a couple more boxes and do a group break (though I don't know how popular either of those two boxes would be)...

  2. Send them to a random person who posts the second comment on this post!!! Sorry, greed is my constant companion.

  3. well, as someone who doesn't have any from those, team sets are always a good idea as trade bait.

    or, when I send my trades out, 98% of the time, i include an unopened pack of some kind.... you could do that too.

  4. Mini Break! A low cost break of two boxes that I bet would fill quick for the right price. I'm in for the Metsd and Yanks for sure if you go that way.

  5. I'm with Benny. Could be a cool Mini Break!