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Friday, July 15, 2011

Going Postal: Cleaning off the Plate

I'm listening to Michael Bolton sing about Jack Sparrow as I write this post. I love Lonely Island.
Now that you have some musical entertainment, you can enjoy the rest of this post.

As with most of my trades, it starts with one card. Brian of Play At The Plate left a comment asking for one of my 2011 Bowman cards, and eventually the trade turned into something bigger. He found several cards I needed for my player collections:
 A trio of Astros Nolans. I wonder if Nolan is checking out some hot woman in the stands in that '86 Topps card. Or maybe someone just said something mean about him and he's staring them down.
 '91 Topps horizontal goodness. Nolan Ryan was trying out for the hunchback cheerleaders here and made the "T" symbol in "TEAM".
 So young and scared! Maybe Griffey's about to go up against Nolan.
 Shiny refractorized stonerness! Seriously, could they make Timmy look any more high on a baseball card? Maybe paint in a bag of cheetos or have him sitting in a sofa. While this card would be a good addition to the Lincecum player collection, I'm going to put this in with the Cardboard Zoo, since it's a refractor and I don't get stuff like that too often.
The Jose Canseco jersey Brian sent was the big finale of the deal. Most people don't realize this, but you can scratch-and-sniff Canseco jerseys and instantly you're on steroids. How cool is that? It also works with Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds jerseys. Also, did you know that every Sammy Sosa bat card has a tiny piece of cork hidden in it somewhere?

Too bad there weren't any Pirates in the package (Barry Bonds?) or this could have been a whole theme. Thanks Brian! Hope you received your cards and are as happy!


  1. You had me at Michael Bolton.

    And Lonely Island.

  2. Ahhhhh, you're the one I was supposed to send the Bonds cards to!!! Glad you enjoyed the cards.

  3. Hah! Not part of the trade anyway, so next time?

    I just realized that Canseco relic shows him with the White Sox, but is labeled "Stars of '89". Maybe they should have put him in an A's jersey on the front. The card says it's a Rays jersey anyway, so the picture isn't right.

  4. Hey Ryan, I've got your end of the trade scheduled to post in the morning!