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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stuck in the Past

Earlier this week, I made a run to Target for a couple things on my shopping list, hoping to maybe find some A&G to open for the fun of it. Well, no A&G, of course, but there was Topps Series 2 on the shelves, and since I'm still not done with the set, I figured I could pick up a few packs and add to my ring collection with a code card. I grabbed two rack packs and a four-pack blister with a code card.

Only later I realized the two rack packs were from series 1. Not only that, they contained no code cards. They were a total bust, except for a few cards someone needs in a recent trade.

The blister pack wasn't much better for my base set, though I received two inserts I needed for the sets I'm collecting. The highlight of the series 2 packs was the two code cards (one guaranteed, one in packs). Here's what I unlocked:
 They call him Big Popo. That's a lot of fans in the stands, there, buddy.
And a little older.

Vintage is always nice! I'm trying to trade for a black diamond cut of anybody, but I don't think I'm going to have any luck. My digs didn't uncover anything great - two doubles, actually - but I traded the Ruth extra ring for a Gehrig, and I'm going to see if I can pawn the Tigers ring for another team. It's all about the number of unique rings, after all, and I have 26 unique rings right now (soon to be 27, I hope). I need that magic 45 number to get my set. I figure if I get 3 more code cards from series 2, I'll be on track for the Update code cards to finish me off.

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